The Righteousness of God

Romans 5 explains that all of us inherited a sin nature from the first man, Adam. Despite our best efforts, none of us can redeem ourselves. In a world where people are applauded on a Performance-Based system, giving to charities, feeding the hungry, graduating at the top of our class, and earning our company millions… Continue reading The Righteousness of God

The Blood of the Lamb Jesus Christ

In the area you live and surrounding areas, you will see posters and signs promoting Red Cross Blood Drives. If you take part in this promotion, you might say something like this. You say, I gave my blood. I say to you, “Christ” gave His.” You say, I gave a “Pint.” I say to you,… Continue reading The Blood of the Lamb Jesus Christ

Peace Of Mind In A Troubled World

“peace, where is peace for our nations. our homes, and most of all our hearts and minds?”. The agonizing cry has echoed down through the ages, but it is heard with increasing intensity as the world becomes progressively more tempest-tossed and panic-stricken. It is also the cry of the heart? Amidst the prevailing discontent and… Continue reading Peace Of Mind In A Troubled World