Facts About Pastors Many Church Members Are Unclear On

Most pastors hesitate to teach the biblical understanding of the role of pastors because to do so might sound self-serving as though they were trying to carve out a larger role for themselves in leading the church. This is a serious error for which we are now paying as many congregations are turning the minister… Continue reading Facts About Pastors Many Church Members Are Unclear On

Still in denial…

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Many times, those of us who feel overwhelmed and depressed are in denial about the reason for the way we feel. It could be something which happened yesterday or last month, but we won’t admit it. It could be something which happened to us…

Why Should I Attend Church?

Courtesy of Edward Jeffries Are you a member of Bedside Baptist or Saint Mattress, where Pastor Pillow and Deacon Sheets preside with somnolent gravity. The New Testament repeatedly emphasizes the importance of local assemblies. It was the pattern of Paul’s ministry to establish local congregations in the cities where he preached the gospel. The passage… Continue reading Why Should I Attend Church?

Should/Can A Christian Drink Alcohol?

Written by my cousin, Edward Jeffries Please be advised, I am writing a post/thread on the topic of alcohol, and what Jesus thinks about drinking in the Bible. I need for all who read this post/thread to know that my post/thread WILL NOT be biased to one side or the other. Non-negotiable: Getting drunk is… Continue reading Should/Can A Christian Drink Alcohol?