Answering The Call To Ministry: Part 1

This is Part 1 of a message that was preached recently by my father, Otis Jeffries. Over the past months and years, we have all been impacted in some way by the recent Pandemic, which gripped our communities and the world at large. Shutdowns, stay-at-home orders have created situations which none of us have ever… Continue reading Answering The Call To Ministry: Part 1

What Does Love Require Of Us?

When faced with what to say or what to do, we must ask ourselves what love requires us to do. We are to do unto others as our Father, through Christ, has done unto us. He did what was best for us. Therefore we do what is best for others… And do you know what… Continue reading What Does Love Require Of Us?

Spiritual Gifts: Unity In Diversity

This message was written by my cousin, Edward. Our Spiritual Gift vs. Our Spiritual Responsibilities Spiritual gifts are extraordinary abilities that the Spirit gives to us Believers to build up the church. These attributes as faith, teaching, and giving are considered gifts that all Christians are exhorted to develop these traits. Some Christians are Given:… Continue reading Spiritual Gifts: Unity In Diversity

Three Godly Guidelines For The Family

The makeover for a house comes from Hollywood, but the makeover for a “home” comes from heaven. The declining life of children translates into a declining culture life. You and I must provide a godly home for the sake of our children. Deuteronomy 6:1-9 1 Now these are the commandments, the statutes, and the judgments,… Continue reading Three Godly Guidelines For The Family

Cussing – That Ought Not Be

There are four types of “cussing.” One is blasphemy, which shows disrespect or worse to Almighty God and is explicitly forbidden in the Ten Commandments. The second is cursing, which declares your wish that someone or something would suffer eternal damnation. The third is obscenity, usually having to do with bodily functions. The fourth is… Continue reading Cussing – That Ought Not Be