Following the least path of resistance leads to destruction!

Originally posted on End Time Bible Prophecy:
Commentary By:  Gordon King The road is wide which leads to destruction, the path which leads to righteousness is narrow and many will be led astray.  Easy is the way which takes us further away from God, and evil forces from another dimension seek to do us harm. …

Waiting For An Answer: Be patient

Waiting for an Answer-Be Patient Psalm 9:1-10 Prayer and Thanksgiving for the Lord’s Righteous Judgment Psalm 28:7 Rejoicing in Answered Prayer Psalm 37:7 Rest in the Lord, and wait patiently for Him James 5:7-11 Be Patient and Persevering Psalm 9:10 Adults and children alike want instant gratification, You and I don’t like waiting. 1. Patience… Continue reading Waiting For An Answer: Be patient