URGENT WARNING: Beware of Mr. Polarius

Hello everyone.

Over the past month and a half, someone using the name, Mr. Polarius, has been trolling Conservative Christian Blogger’s sites. I am currently aware of three sites, that he has done this on, thus far. I don’t know if he has specifically targeted these three Christian Bloggers, or if there are others of you out there that he has been trolling.

I had a confrontation with this person, earlier today. While I don’t currently have all of the details, I have been made aware that somehow this guy is making his posts seem like they are coming from me.

I had a confrontation with a group of Atheists several years ago, on Youtube; And have reason to believe that this maybe one of them using a different Alias/Screen Name.

I am in the process of updating my credentials, and looking into how this guy is doing this.

In the meantime, if he attempts to post any comments on your site, I would encourage you to just simply send his comments to the Trash.

In addition, if anyone receives any strange comments that are hateful, rude, and unChristlike; And the commener is using my name – please notify me here by commenting on any of my posts.

I promise to never be hateful to any of you; even if there are things that we don’t agree on. Furthermore, I have personally decided not to get entangled in any political discussions because of the strife that can occur.

Thank You

***3/4/21 UPDATE***
The persons responsible for these malicious actions have been identified and dealt with.

My apologies are extended to anyone who was hurt by the cruel words of these individuals.

4 thoughts on “URGENT WARNING: Beware of Mr. Polarius

  1. Now I see why you try to refrain from political discussion on this platform. I think that is why you took down some of my comments on your presentations, and discussed them through email privately. It’s sad how divided and hateful our climate has become. Anywho, I plan to be working on creating scenes for my project “Satan Visits The Church”. I just started act III over the weekend. If you need anything, you are welcome to reach out.
    God bless you, brother! Leep fighting for the light! 🙂

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      1. Amen! Glory be to ggod for a great commemoration yesterday for George Floyd! Our next commemorwhn will not be until September, which is for 9/11.

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  2. I would like to show you Act three scene 2 of the play “Satan Visit the Chuvch”. This is rather a really emotional scene. As a preface, Merith’s son was sent to detention for acting out during Liturgy, a Catholic tradition of prayer. The teacher tells the mother that the family must leave the church they have attended since March. Again, this play takes place in 2020. I finished this portion today.
    Next, I want to show you act one, Scene five. This is the part where Meredith blames God for her afflictions and sells her soul to Satan in exchange for an exotic mansion.
    Finally, I will show you act two, scene two, where I interview one of Meredith’s children who has witnessed the scandal.

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