URGENT WARNING: Beware of Mr. Polarius

Hello everyone.

Over the past month and a half, someone using the name, Mr. Polarius, has been trolling Conservative Christian Blogger’s sites. I am currently aware of three sites, that he has done this on, thus far. I don’t know if he has specifically targeted these three Christian Bloggers, or if there are others of you out there that he has been trolling.

I had a confrontation with this person, earlier today. While I don’t currently have all of the details, I have been made aware that somehow this guy is making his posts seem like they are coming from me.

I had a confrontation with a group of Atheists several years ago, on Youtube; And have reason to believe that this maybe one of them using a different Alias/Screen Name.

I am in the process of updating my credentials, and looking into how this guy is doing this.

In the meantime, if he attempts to post any comments on your site, I would encourage you to just simply send his comments to the Trash.

In addition, if anyone receives any strange comments that are hateful, rude, and unChristlike; And the commener is using my name – please notify me here by commenting on any of my posts.

I promise to never be hateful to any of you; even if there are things that we don’t agree on. Furthermore, I have personally decided not to get entangled in any political discussions because of the strife that can occur.

Thank You

***3/4/21 UPDATE***
The persons responsible for these malicious actions have been identified and dealt with.

My apologies are extended to anyone who was hurt by the cruel words of these individuals.

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