Stay Focused On God

Colossians 3:2


Focus your attention on things above, not things on earth …


Today more than ever we have at our disposal countless attractions and distractions just a click away.  It seems that everyone seeks to divert our attention from what is important, drawing it to superfluous, vain and meaningless things.  Even so, none of that is capable of filling us or satisfying the cravings that we carry in our hearts.  Therefore, separate your ideas and your confidence from the passing things of this earth and put them on high, in the Most High.


Focus your mind on Christ and keep it focused on him!  Everything will change in your life if you keep your eyes up.  Persevere giving yourself to the Lord with faith and love.  Help will come from on high (from God!), Not from this world.


But you must understand that it is difficult to think about heavenly things when there is a barrage of sensational news, fake news, entertainment, gossip and so much useless information.  If we let our minds drift amid the immensity of dispensable information, we run the risk of losing sight of what is primary.


Keep your focus on Jesus


Think of Christ!  Focus on the Kingdom of God and its righteousness (Matthew 6:33).  Everything else should be secondary in your life.


Be selective!  It is important to stay informed and know what is happening today to pray and talk with others.  But everything should be in moderation.  Don’t get caught up in too much unnecessary information.


Purify your thoughts.  Examine what fills your mind to see if it matches what the Bible and the Holy Spirit teach.  If not, discard it.


Keep God 1st!  Read the Bible and make it your priority every day.  The faith and knowledge that come from it will keep you steady amidst the storms of life.


Pray more.  Spend more time in God’s presence and less on social media.  Think of God often during the day.  Meditate, pray and listen to the Lord through his Word.



 Lord our God, help me to keep my thoughts focused on things on high, on your Word and not on this evil and fleeting world.  May I reason with my mind transformed by your love and grace.  Clean me up!  And forgive me for wasting so much time filling my head with distractions and such useless things.  Teach me to make better use of the life time you give me to love you and serve you and my neighbor … In the name of Jesus, amen.

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