You Can’t Make Sense Of Crazy

When we start talking about relationships, and how do you move forward? How can you live your life? One of the most important things I would tell somebody is that you have to develop a strategy for dealing with things that people say to you, or stuff that happens to you that does not make sense.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen really nice people mess their heads up or waste their day, thinking about yesterday, and rethinking things, even to the point of them missing out on great opportunities. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve talked with those whom I thought were wonderful preachers and wonderful people who are missing out on the joy of living, because they have allowed their minds to become filled with cancerous thoughts.

The Bible teaches us that God made man out of the dust of the earth. Then it teaches us that words are seeds, so things that are said to you, scenarios that come to you, the goal is for those things to get down within you and start growing something. I’m telling you that it’s impossible for you to live without having opportunities to get offended.

So you may ask, what does this have to do with relationships? The fact is: we won’t be able to form healthy, new relationships until we learn how to deal with the crazy old ones.

You can’t develop healthy new relationships as long as you are still holding the craziness of old ones. We’ve got to learn to guard our thoughts.

You can’t make sense of crazy. You can’t make something make sense, that makes no sense; And if you continue to rethink it saying, “Well why would they say that?” or “Why did this happen?” or “What if I would’ve done this?” you will drive yourself crazy trying to make sense of crazy.

Now I’m not saying that the person was crazy. A lot of times their behavior is crazy. The thing is, we have to be able to differentiate when something has come out of somebody, that was directed at us from the devil, in an effort to bring us down.

If we do not guard our hearts, which means us making the decision not to rethink ridiculous things. If we do not make this decision, we are going to find ourselves filled with worry and stress; And every time we get into a tight situation all of the negative thoughts of our past are going to come rushing back.

I recently shared with another friend that, we are so busy trying to get an anointing for other people, that we fail to ask God to anoint our head with oil.

In Psalm 23, the Bible talks about “He anoints my head with oil.” The reason why this is important is because, the shepherd would anoint the sheep because swarms of knats would pester the sheep. Now imagine yourself as a sheep with these knats flying around in your face, and you can’t move them away. So what the shepherd would do, was anoint the sheep’s head, and that anointing was a repellant to the knats. We need an anointing on us, to make the dumb thoughts and actions of others slip off of us. Many times this anointing will come in the form of a revelation.

You can’t make sense of crazy. There are times when people will accuse us, There are times when people have misunderstood things that have happened, There are times when they are blaming us for something. If we’re not careful we will spend all of our time rethinking things are wondering if we did something wrong. Now, I can understand considering things for about 30min., however the issue comes in when we allow things to constantly knag in our minds. When we choose to continue to dwell on these negative thoughts, we are in effect, giving the devil a key to the backdoor so that he can continue to visit us with these negative thoughts, ten years later, when we encounter the same situations again.

When we choose to dwell on negative thoughts, there’s something that occurs physiologically and spiritually. We need an anointing. Let the Lord anoint your head with oil, so the negative stuff will slip off, and you will receive a Heavenly revelation.

In I Samuel 18:7-10, the ladies were singing a song, and King Saul heard it. They were saying, “Saul has slain his thousands, but David his ten-thousands.” And the Bible says that when Saul heard this, it got down in his heart and displeased him. He started thinking about it; And the next thing you know, Saul started eyeing David. And Saul’s jealousy got so great that the devil entered into him. Don’t you see the pattern? When we keep letting the enemy bring that negative stuff to our mind.

We must get to the point where we just say, “I’m not dwelling on this negative stuff anymore.” Just throw the negative stuff off of you.

There’s always a good revelation that God wants to give you and I, so that we don’t dwell on the negative stuff.

Reflection is the key to wisdom. We can examine the prior events that have occurred in our life, for a set timeframe. Maybe even discuss the situation with a preacher, counselor, or Life Coach to determine what we can learn from the past, however it does us no good to harbor these negative thoughts going into 5yrs. Plus.

God’s answer to someone today, is that you’ve got to learn to let it go. You will never figure it out. It will never make sense.

I know I can’t hold onto ill feelings from the past, if I truly want to reach ahead for the good things God has prepared for my future.

To paraphrase Paul, he said, “I can’t figure all that stuff out back there. I can’t change the past, so here’s what I’m going to do; Forget the bad stuff that’s behind me, and reach to the good stuff that God has ahead.”( Philippians 3:13-14)

You can’t get to the stuff God has for you if you’re still dealing with all that negative stuff. At some point you gotta just let it go, and say, “Maybe it wasn’t meant to be? Maybe it wasn’t a good time? God has got something better for me.” Whatever sentence God gives you. The Holy Spirit will give you something, but whatever He gives you to enable you to be anointed, so that those negative thoughts will slip off, go ahead and receive the Spirit’s counsel; And stop rethinking.

Listen, we need to be pondering scripture. We don’t need to be pondering why somebody said something crazy about us.

So let’s not try to make sense of crazy. Let the situation go. If you can learn something important, through wise reflection in a set amount of time, and then shut it down. Take the lesson, and leave the mess, then do it. Let’s go on and live our best life to the glory of God.

As you open your heart, and allow Jesus to do what only He can do; Not only will He heal anything on the inside, but I believe we can ask The Holy Spirit to give us that fresh anointing on our head, so that the negative stuff will slip off. And I believe that God can go in and create in us a clean heart, and renew a right spirit within us.

Written By Rosie S. O’neal

2 thoughts on “You Can’t Make Sense Of Crazy

  1. It can be extremely painful to be misunderstood — especially for those of us who are “people pleasers” as the result of abuse. Letting go of past traumatic events is not easy. But God is the Great Healer. And, as you say, we cannot make sense of crazy.

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