Damaged Faith: Part 1

I visited Ghana, Africa, earlier this year; And I saw many things while there. I saw that there is something within us that is stronger than any circumstance. When the Word of God talks about God creating us in His image and in His likeness, there is strength that God has placed within each of us.

Now, I don’t know what the enemy is trying to tell you, or what he may be attempting to put in front of your face, but you need to understand this: If God be for you, He’s more than the world against you. Grater is He that is within you than he that is within the world. There is a strength within you, and you cannot afford to let life, the enemy, or foolishness talk you out of it.

I saw people who live around what we, in the U.S., would consider desperate poverty, and they still have a passion.

When life presents difficulties, you have to make a decision about whether you’re going to let that difficulty define you, or if you are going to make some shifts in order to overcome. You’ve got to be willing to do that.

See our faith will be damaged if we allow things to happen to us, and then we don’t go back and say, “Wait a minute. Let me redefine what’s going on here.” Jesus always did that.

In Mark 9, the man had a son who kept throwing himself into the fire. Imagine the turmoil of this guy. Now the father believes God, but how many of us know that when something lasts a long time if we’re not careful, our faith can get damaged.

You have to continually speak to that thing. You have to continually remind yourself that God is bigger and that God is able.

If you have a problem that lasts a week or two, that’s one thing, but if you’ve got something throwing your child in fire and trying to hurt and damage your child for seven years, it’s very easy for that to become a damaging situation. So you have to be sensitive, and you may need to take a few minutes to allow the Word of God to pour into you; And remind yourself of how big God is.

The enemy wants to show you the worse possible scenario. Let’s say you’re looking at a bill, the enemy will drop all sorts of negative scenarios into your head. When you feel these negative thoughts coming in, I encourage you to push them aside, and pick up God’s Word, and remind yourself that God is the kind of God that can meet every need that you have. Remind yourself, that the Lord is your shepherd and you are not going to want. You say to the Lord, “God, I don’t know what’s taking this so long, but I choose to trust You in it.” You can even let the Lord know that even if things don’t work out the way you think they should, you only desire that His will is done. And while you’re waiting: continue to get stronger by reading the Word, and by giving God some praise even in the midst of the situation.

So you see, we can actually take what the enemy was attempting to use to damage our faith, and use it to redefine our faith.

Whenever the devil shows up with his dirty bags of tricks, we have to serve notice on him that we are willing to wait on God as long as it takes.

So many people are being deceived because they have damaged faith.

The Bible is very clear that the root of bitterness causes many people to be defiled. You have to understand that if your soul is the most valuable thing you have, and the devil wants to destroy you and send you to Hell, keep you from a relationship with God – the evil one is going to bring calamity.

So let’s say you make it through calamity. The enemy will say, “Well I couldn’t get them with that.”, so he tries to bring a spirit of selfishness to you. So for a season, it’s all about you, and then you finally come to your senses and say to God, “Lord, you’ve been too good to me for that.” You get back into church, You get back into worship, You get back to being generous to others. So now the enemy says, “Well I couldn’t knock them out with selfishness. Why don’t I come around the back and see if I can get them with bitterness. I’ll let someone in church say something ugly about them, and see if I can get them distracted with that.” Now if that doesn’t work, then the evil one may try to bombard you with deception. He’ll say, “Well how do you know that God cares about that?”

As I look around at today’s society, I’m starting to see some people actually beginning to steer away from saying “Jesus”, and they just say “God” for everything. And I’ve also noticed church people beginning to align themselves with what we know to be cultic religions. There is some religion I heard about where, the husband died and now his wife is saying that she is going to succeed where Jesus failed..This is completely unholy.

See when you’re dealing with damaged faith, and you go through a difficult season. Maybe a loved one passed away or you were believing for a job and you didn’t get it. Here’s what you need to do in that moment: The same thing that David did.

David had slept with Bathsheba, and so she gets pregnant. The child is born, gets sick, and now David is praying and asking God to fix the situation. David is fasting, believing, and crying out to God. David was in so much turmoil and praying so hard, that his advisers got concerned about him. Then the child died! The advisers are saying amongst themselves if the king was acting like this while the child was sick, there’s no telling what he’ll do now that the child has died. So David notices his advisers whispering, and he assumes that the child has died, and his advisers confirm this. So David gets up, washes himself, changes his clothes, and then goes to worship God. Why did he do that? Because he was in a vulnerable state

Sometimes you’re faith can have moments where it gets hit. Like when your body gets hit; sometimes you have to go to rehab, sometimes you have to put something around it to prevent further injury, until healing can take place. When your faith gets vulnerable, we need to wrap it up in a little more prayer, or perhaps listen to a powerful sermon that inspires us to get back on the Godly path. If we don’t do this, that same devil that was trying to get us to let down our morality and do things that we know are sinful, will wait for a season where our faith is taking a hit, and try to strike against us.

Listen, when your faith is hurting, and you don’t understand what’s going on: I strongly encourage you to stick with the Word of God.

Jesus wants to heal your hurting heart, and restore your faith to good health; And He is willing to work with all of us who truly believe in Him and call upon Him out of a sincere heart.

Don’t start believing lies, and don’t back up off of what you know is true. You stay with Jesus.

Written By Rosie S. Oneal

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