Give It All To God

Many of us will project a false exterior, in order to hide the inner turmoil that we are facing. Some of us will wear an outward smile to mask the inner sadness that we are dealing with. Others may project a sense of confidence and toughness, while inwardly being overcome by anxiety and feelings of inadequacy. This tactic may help to “keep other people out of our business”, or give others the impression that we are the picture of success, however while man can only see the outward appearance, God is fully aware of what is truly going on within each of us.

God is a gentlemen, and will not operate in any area of our life that we don’t allow Him access to, but believe me when I say, when you turn the mirror inward and ask God to purge out anything that’s not like Him, He will do it. Even we “born again” believers can have some insecurities, bitterness, anger etc… that will rear their ugly head If we don’t turn these things over to God.

Anything that we don’t hand over to God, is something that Satan can potentially use to drive a wedge between us and those who truly care about us. We don’t want to intentionally do anything to hurt our testimony, and some future blessings will depend on us having the character to be able to handle what God desires to give us.

Let’s give it all to God, and let Him have His way in our life.

The first and most important step towards alleviating ourselves of our internal struggles, is to realize that we can’t overcome these things by ourselves, it takes the power of the Holy Spirit operating in our life to empower us to be victorious. If you don’t know Jesus Christ as your personal Savior, I invite you to pray and ask Him to: come into your life, forgive your sins, and begin to remove all of the things within you that do not bring glory to God. God is faithful and He will not reject you if you come to Him with a sincere heart.

One thought on “Give It All To God

  1. Good post brother, and good mornin to you.

    I would add that the first thing that a Christian should do before pursuing dealing with their sins of their flesh.
    Is to make sure that they are firmly grounded in resting in the finished work of Christ. I believe they should first settle the fact in their heart that they are already a fully forgiven saint who’s been made the righteousness of God…then purge the flesh.
    Because I don’t want a Christian connecting his/her standing with God with how well their flesh is doing on any given day. Then they can pursue purging their flesh from a position of true rest.

    You have a great message though in this post. We should always be asking God for His help in getting sin out of our lives. 👍🙂

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