Before you decide to leave the church

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A few days ago I read several blogs from young Christians who were shunning the church, explaining how they have completely detached themselves from any involvement from the church completely. As I was reading, I began to really ponder on the fact that more and more Christians are leaving the church…and the more I thought about it the more distraught I became of the idea.

Could we possibly have a day where majority of believers abandon the church altogether and just sit home with their bibles and daily scripture statuses like everything is all good? While the thought of that makes my soul cringe, God gave me an illustration on The Church and its true purpose. (not “a church meaning a building, but “The Church” meaning the body of Christ). Just follow me for a second….

Put the idea of a hospital in your imagination. Who does it consist of?…

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6 thoughts on “Before you decide to leave the church

  1. Good mornin Marques,

    I went to the article and read it, and here’s the comment that I left:

    “Hi there, and thank you for sharing encouragement to unite together as ekklesia.

    While I agree with your plea, there’s something that I want to present to you as well.

    I was called to salvation by God by heavy guilt, and was saved one night in the cab of my truck. And I have been to innumerable churches, and have been a member of a few, and none of them offered what I needed to fix my guilt.
    (I’m not saying good churches don’t exist, I’m stating that most that I’ve encountered are more harmful than helpful to the lost sinner’s condition).

    I have relatives who’ve been immersed in church for decades, and when I try to get them to celebrate with me that we saints have been made the righteousness of God…I just get a blank look like I’m speaking Portuguese to them. All they can relate to is what it is to be a baptist Christian.

    And I myself go to church, but I find no life there. There just isn’t any meaningful embracing what it is to rest in the finished work of Christ and His righteousness.

    Please understand, I want church to work, but if I were back in my seeking spiritual life season, I would be in a world of hurt if the institutional church was my guide to find peace in Christ’s finished work.

    God bless you my brother”


    1. And here’s a follow up comment that I made to my original comment:

      “Let me please add a correction to my previous comment.

      I should not have stated that there is no life at my existing church.
      What I’m really trying to communicate is how religion has suppressed people’s embracing a major portion of the good news.”


      1. Hi, Lee
        I think one reason you might be getting those blank looks is that these people you’re talking with are carrying some burdens, worries, and concerns. Its hard for them to celebrate anything, when they are choosing to hold onto these burdens.

        The Bible makes it clear that we will endure tribulation and persecution in this world, but in order for us to celebrate that we are the righteousness of God, we must have faith in the Lord and give our burdens and cares to Him, so that He can fill us with more of His joy and peace. In other words, we can’t rest in Christ’s finished work, when we are trying to work to solve our own problems by our own efforts.

        Here are a few scenarios that I think contribute to the problem:

        I have a concern that one of Satan’s biggest strategies is to gradually corrupt Christians to the point that they become like the Pharisees and religious leaders that Jesus had to contend with. People start performing religious rituals and boasting about their outward good works, but within their hearts they are drifting away from the Lord.

        Our various denominations have their beliefs and bylaws; Some of these bylaws were created with good intentions to establish Godly accountability; And then there are those bylaws that are not Biblically based, but are man-made laws that were made to control people. Man made laws and Legalism are big hinderences to people celebrating that they are the righteousness of God.

        Lee, you said, “I was called to salvation by God by heavy guilt” – You felt the conviction of the Holy Spirit, and knew that there was nothing you could do by your own efforts and strength to change your condition, so you placed your faith in the only person who could help you…Jesus Christ…You had the mindset of a sincere conversion.

        While only God knows what a person’s innermost mindset and motivation is when they seek salvation, I do think that the Prosperity Gospel and rising apostasy are creating false conversions.

        Lee, I pray that things will get better at your church; And that God will bless your dad with a good church home: where he can worship God, get sound Biblical teaching, and be surrounded by other believers who are filled with the joy of the Lord.


      2. Amen to everything that you said Marques! 🤠

        However regarding those blank looks that I mentioned.
        With those particular people, it seems more like: “we are baptists, who know all of the doctrine, we’ve been in church all of our lives. Who are you to be trying to teach us veterans anything with your stupid ideas.”

        Although I fully agree with all of your assessments, it’s just with these particular people, it’s a little different.

        Maybe I’m wrong, but I heard one of them reference one of my questions as “stupid.”

        Whatcha gonna do. 🤪

        Smiles and Sonshine to you brother.

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