God’s Encouraging Voice

Each of us were created with the appearance, personality, and skills that are necessary for us to fulfill a life purpose. We should be mindful not to dish out hateful, demeaning talk to others. Likewise, while constructive criticism can aid in getting us back on track when we are in error; when we receive demeaning talk from others, we don’t have to allow it to dwell in our spirit.

None of us are perfect, and everyone has a past. It takes courage to admit when we were wrong, and to decide to change for the better; And even greater wisdom to allow Jesus Christ to help us change.

Whenever you hear a voice that comes to you, condemning you for your past, and telling you that you are worthless, unloved, and there is no hope…this is the voice of the evil one DON’T LISTEN.

The voice we should be paying attention to is God’s Holy Spirit. This is the Voice that comes to us to warn us when we are about to do something bad, and then points us to God. This is the Voice who reminds us that though we may have made some bad choices, we are precious and loved by God. This is the Voice that encourages us that though there may be some skeletons in our past, because we have placed our trust in Christ’s finished work, there is a: crown, white robe, and mansion in our future.

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