Young Women Searching After God’s Own Heart: Part 2

This is Part Two of a message my sister recently shared with the young women of the church we attend. These words apply to those of us males also.

So how do we do it?

The first thing we have to do is get into the Word. I don’t care how old or young you are, you have to get into God’s Word daily. If you’re not currently actively reading your Word, I would encourage you to pick a Bible Plan or just begin to be intentional about studying the Bible daily; And it doesn’t matter how long you read it, as long as you are reading enough to get good context and comprehension. By reading the Bible on a consistent basis, you will learn to love what God loves, and dislike what God dislikes. You will begin to understand God’s purpose for you as a young woman; And have the ability to choose to live that out.

The next thing we must do is get the Word in us. So this is more than just reading the Bible. Its memorizing it. Its living it. Instead of thinking like the things of the world, your mind will then be transformed, by the Holy Spirit, so that your thoughts will be aligned with the heart of God.

Next, we must choose Christ daily. We, as humans, have a flesh; And in the natural our flesh is at odds with the things of God. As long as we live in this world, and in this physical body, there will be a war within us between sin and righteousness, Between our will and God’s will, Between what we want and what we know.

We must intentionally pursue God daily; And in order to do this we must surrender to Christ. Just as Christ surrendered Himself to the cross, we have to do the same thing. It is surrendering to the power and authority of Christ in us that gives us power over the flesh.

Next, we can learn from older women. If you have someone in your life who can mentor you, take advantage of this blessing. The wisdom and accountability they can offer will be worth more than money can buy.

Next, share your faith. It’s one thing to talk about God via text message or with other believers, but it can be different to open up and share your faith with someone you don’t know, however it is something that needs to be done. If Christians don’t tell others about the Gospel, how will others hear the good news? Just imagine the impact you could have on one life, or several lives, if you begin sharing your faith with others who need to hear about the saving grace of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ; And you never know, letting your light shine may be the only Word someone else gets.

On the flipside of sharing the good news and drawing others to Christ, you may find that you also lose friends; And this can be tough. When we make a decision to live for Christ and pursue Him with everything in us, this calls for us to speak and live for things that go against what some of our other friends may think or believe, simply because the Bible is not their foundation. Chances are that, the bolder you become in your faith, the more they may shy away from you, but never let that stop you from following the Truth that you know; And if you develop enemies along the way, don’t be surprised either because it comes with standing up for what you believe in. Even if everyone in the whole world rejects you, remember that Christ completely accepts you. What God thinks of you, are the only thoughts that hold weight. Pray that God will bring likeminded believers, around your age, into your life. I’ve seen firsthand how God will place the right people in your life. You want people to encourage and support you in your God Purpose journey; Not people who will: drag you down, bring you drama, or make you feel uncomfortable about who you are.

Remember in doing all of these things, you can still have fun. I remember that when I first got saved, my definition of fun changed a lot; And I learned a couple of things through that. First of all, that things that I’d previously thought were fun, I came to realize that they weren’t substantial…they didn’t last a long time, because that high eventually comes down. When you attempt to live from worldly thrill to thrill, your happiness becomes dependent on pleasure. But when I developed a relationship with Jesus, my desires changed. I began to desire to become a full-time vessel for the purposes of His glory, and furthering the kingdom; And sometimes everything else can simply be a distraction from this God given purpose.

Remember that joy in life is not based off of what I do or what I gain, but just being grateful to God for another day is joyous; And when your joy comes from Christ, nothing can dictate or remove that.

You are called out to be a leader. Standing on a stage, having millions of followers on Twitter, or thousands of Likes on Facebook is not what makes a person a leader. You became a leader the day that God called you out to be an ambassador for the kingdom…And what a great responsibility that is.

Remember that leaders don’t follow the crowd, regardless of whether you are at school, at work, or out in your community. Christian Leaders realize that not everyone is going in the right direction. Christian Leaders always stand, even if they are the only ones standing. AND LEADERS FROM GOD ARE LED BY GOD. They are not swayed by the majority or popularity. Remember that God will not give you anything that He has not already prepared you for, so don’t settle for fitting in, because you’ve been called to stand out.

As a leader, remember that it is impossible to live for Christ and act against Christ at the same time…this is a complete contradiction. We can’t carry on that same way we were when He wasn’t in our lives. Do not forget Romans 12:2.

Next, you must understand that you are not perfect. You will make mistakes along the way. In fact, you may find yourself falling short daily, moment to moment; in your thoughts and sometimes in your choices; And this is not meant to discourage anyone, but I’m encouraging you not to get down on yourself when this happens, because it does happen to the best of us. God knew in advance that you could not be perfect, which is why He sent a perfect Savior…His Son, Jesus, on your behalf. Now, forgiveness is not, and never will give a pass or license to sin, but forgiveness will be there when we fall. The enemy will try to attack our minds and tell us that “we can never get right, that we’ve sinned too big for God to forgive us, and that we might as well continue in sin because there’s no overcoming it.”, but remember that that’s all a lie to keep you from experiencing all of God’s freedom and fulfilling your purpose. God convicts by way of the Holy Spirit, and it is that correction that guides and alarms us when we’re wrong; And this goes back to us spending time with God, and knowing His voice when He’s telling us that some of the choices we are currently making aren’t the best choices for us to make.

We must remember that God wants the absolute best for our lives; And His grace provides new opportunities for us to get aligned with God’s purpose.

My last point is that you can make a difference. You’re never too young to change a life. Don’t get overwhelmed with how big the world is, and all of its news. Impacting the world starts with impacting the life of one. Even if you change the course of one person’s entire life, that in itself is something worth living for.

Continue to obey God in the little things, and He will lead you to the bigger things.

When God saves us, He makes us fit for Heaven immediately, however as long as we are here on earth, the devil and the influences of this world will attempt to distract us and draw us away from seeking after God, but greater is He that is within us than he that is in the world.

We can ask God to help us take an inventory of our life, and show us the areas where we are falling short. When He reveals these areas to us, we must be willing to acknowledge them, seek His forgiveness, and learn from our mistakes, so that we can grow into stronger believers as we move forward.

Young women, Keep searching after God’s heart. Trust in Him with all your heart, and don’t lean on your own understanding. Always acknowledge Him in all that you do, and He will guide you in the right direction. When this happens not only will you be blessed, you just might inspire some other young woman to start searching after God’s heart for herself.

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