Four Keys To Being A Woman Of Faith

In the times that we are living in, God is looking for some women who will seek after Him, and be willing to set that good example of what virtue looks like before their peers. From God’s Word, I have identified four key characteristics, which each Woman of Faith should strive to possess:

NOTE: Even though I’m using women for the subject matter, as always with God’s Word, everything said applies for myself and my fellow brothers, also.

1. Yield to God’s Will

Luke 1:26-38, gives us the account of God sending the angel Gabriel to deliver the message that she’d been chosen to give birth to the Savior of the World. After hearing Gabriel’s explanation of what would occur, Mary does not hesitate in yielding to God’s plan.

While sometimes it may take a while, whenever people attempt to do things their own way and by how they feel within their personal emotions, eventually issues will arise. We don’t know what the future holds, and therefore don’t always realize the severity of the consequences of our actions. God is all knowing, and always has our best interests in mind.

Ladies, regardless of whatever you have endured or maybe currently enduring, God does have a plan for your life. God knows all of your strengths, because He has given them to you. He also knows the areas where you struggle and are limited.

The Lord is not looking to put you in a demeaning position, but instead He desires to empower you by filling you with His Holy Spirit, so that you can discover your life purpose and bring glory to Him.

Your starting point for success will always begin with seeking God’s guidance, listening to His instructions, and being willing to follow His plan.

2. Dare to Be Different

In Joshua 2, we learn of Rahab. Rahab had two things going against her. She lives in a city where sinful acts abounded, and she herself was a harlot.(what we would today call a prostitute)

Now, in spite of what was going on around her, and the bad reputation she had, when presented with the opportunity to aid the two Israelite spies, Rahab chose to place her faith in God, and as a result she and her family were spared during the invasion of Jericho. In fact, Rahab is even listed in Hebrews 11’s Hall of Faith(Hebrews 11:31).

Are you a person who has struggled with resisting negative peer pressure? Have you garnered a bad reputation as a result of yielding to negative influences?

I want you to know that, just as Rahab decided to make a life change by placing her faith in God, you can do the same.

God forgives, and He is ready to give you a fresh new start. You don’t have to let negative people dictate your life, and drag you down. I challenge you to “Dare to Be Different.” I invite you to place your faith and trust in the Lord Jesus Christ.

With Jesus operating in your life, He will change your desires and give you the courage to resist negative peer pressure. He will assure you that your significance isn’t based upon your physical appearance, bedroom performance, education, or bank account, but your true significance is based upon the truth that Jesus loves you: And He is teaching you how to encourage other people to trust and bring glory to God.

3. Believe the Promise
Shunammite woman

As we look at II Kings 4:8-37, we learn of a woman, who along with her husband, offered lodging and food to the prophet Elisha whenever he was in the area. Because of her kindness, Elisha prophesied and it came to pass that she conceived a son. After some years, a day came when the young man became ill and passed away. Now, many people would have lost faith and given up after such an occurrence, however the Shunammite woman refused to accept that God would bless her with a son, and then just take him away. She sought out the prophet, and insisted by faith that Elisha could restore her son, by God’s power. Because of her persistence and faith, her son was indeed restored to life.

There are many of you out there, whom God has promised certain things. Maybe it’s a spouse, a child, healing from an infirmity, a new job, etc… Perhaps it seems like everyone else’s prayers are being answered, but I want to encourage you to hold on to the promise. Continue to be faithful to the Lord, as you wait. God is not like man, the Lord will never lie to you. If you remain faithful to Him, everything God has promised you will come to pass; And you will rejoice when it does.

4. When you make God a promise…Keep it.

I Samuel 1, gives us the account of Hannah. Hannah was one of two wives of a man named, Elkanah. Hannah had been unable to bare children, and to her dismay was often mocked by Elkanah’s other wife Peninnah(who had birthed several children). While visiting the temple, Hannah prays a silent prayer to God, vowing that if God will bless her with a son; that she would allow her son to serve at the temple for the duration of his life. God does indeed bless Hannah with a son, Samuel; And Hannah keeps her promise to allow Samuel to serve at the temple.

How many times have people found themselves in a dilemma, and in desperation, prayed to God saying something like, “Lord, I’ll never do this again if you get me out of this mess.” Or “I’ll do this or that with the money, if you’ll allow me to have this financial blessing.”; And once God grants their request, folks wind up breaking their promise.

It is better not to make a vow, than to make one and then intentionally break it. Let’s all be mindful of the promises that we make to others, and especially to God. God knows the desires of our heart, and how we will react once certain things are granted to us. Whenever He says “No” to our requests, it is because He knows that what we are asking for will either hurt us or that we aren’t spiritually mature enough to handle what we are asking for. There are times that He will allow us to have certain things, so that it will serve as a learning experience that we really didn’t need it in the first place.

I believe that a few key things, which will help us not to break our vows to God, is that we remain mindful that everything in this world is only temporary. And that the only thing of real true importance is that each of us will have to stand before Jesus Christ to give an account for all of the things we’ve done. If we will remember that this journey is all about God’s love for us, and us reciprocating His love by desiring to do the things that will please Him and bring glory to His name, then we will be Ok.

I would like to wish all of the Mothers, Grandmothers, Stepmothers, and those who serve in a Motherly way, a very Happy Mother’s Day!

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