Let Go And Let God

Too often we find ourselves getting headaches, running up our blood pressure, crying, and losing sleep over things that are out of our control.

We can offer our advice to others, We can bind evil spirits, and We should always pray, however we cannot change people. A person will not change their ways until they truly decide to. Sadly many people will never choose to change.

What we must continue to do is: continue to seek God and ask Him to help us confront and deal with our own flaws, and pray that those with unfavorable behavior will have a life experience, that will cause them to seriously examine their life choices and make some positive changes(which hopefully will begin with making a sincere commitment to Jesus Christ)

2 thoughts on “Let Go And Let God

  1. Amen!! Amen!! True we can not force others to wont to change. They will have to be the one that will wont to be changed. And Only Jesus Christ Himself can do that change. They have to admit that they need that change. Money cant do it, friends, nor family members can do it for them. We can continue to pray that they will before they leave this world, or before Jesus return. He never force His love on anyone. He paid the price for us ((All)) that no other being would are could. What we to do is to come to Him just as we are. God Bless you for sharing. šŸ™‚

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    1. Amen, Betty Jo! I am grateful that my immediate family and cloest friends are all saved, but I continue to pray for so many others around me who haven’t accepted Christ yet. Tomorrow is not promised to any of us, which is why it is so vital that people take the time to consider the state of their soul and choose to make their commitment to Jesus.

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