There’s a Purpose Behind Our Adversity

As much as all of us love “smooth sailing”, the fact is that we are going to experience some adversity. Whenever these adverse times come we must seek God through prayer.

“Lord, if I’m facing issues because of my bad choices; Forgive me and help me to learn from this and do better going forward.”

“Lord, if this is happening because You are training me so that I can help someone else who may be facing the same issue in the future; Then Teach me, Lord.”

“Lord, if I’m facing this because an unsaved person is watching my life, and they need to see a modern day example of how true reliance on You enables a believer to overcome any obstacle; Then may You be glorified through my adversity and eventual victory, and the unsaved person be inspired to commit to You as their Savior.”

5 thoughts on “There’s a Purpose Behind Our Adversity

    1. God’s encouragement is always right on time! I think this is something all of us have to be reminded of from time to time. Thanks for stopping by my site, and I’ll be praying and thanking God for giving you the victory over whatever challenges you are facing.


  1. The road we walk to Calvary is a difficult one. Modern Christians would prefer to forget that fact. Many televangelists deliberately avoid the topic. But we are being conformed into the image of Christ. Suffering whatever form it takes is an essential element of that transformation.

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