Recognizing God’s Blessings with Thanksgiving

Psalm 107:9
For he satisfieth the longing soul, and filleth the hungry soul with goodness.

He satisfies: This is the point that every generation of believers needs to remember. We will never discover anything more satisfying than the Lord, who will meet all our needs.

In the immediate context of Psalm 107, the psalmist entreats God’s people to thank Him for the tangible blessings such as food, water, and safety.

In fuller context of Scripture, we, who are believers are encouraged to thank God for spiritual blessings as well.

1. While God provides daily physical bread, He also provides spiritual sustenance through His Word.
2. God provides physical houses to offer shelter from the wind and rain.
3. His gospel offers safety from eternal wrath.

A strong and healthy expression of thanksgiving includes gratitude for the full scope of God’s blessings.

We give God glory when:

1. We thank Him for the food on our table and the roof over our head.
2. We also honor Him when we thank Him for gospel blessings, such as the forgiveness of sin, the righteousness of Christ , and our adoption as sons and daughters of God.
3. When we practice thanksgiving informed by the full range of God’s blessings, our longing hearts are satisfied and our hungry souls are filled with the goodness of God.

Heavenly Father, please give us eyes to see Your many blessings so that we may glorify You with thanksgiving.


3 thoughts on “Recognizing God’s Blessings with Thanksgiving

  1. Sometimes we forget how satisfying God can be. He provides so much for us and we take it for granted. I love this piece because it talks about the things that we often forget that God supplies. Thank you for reminding us to be satisfied in His blessings.

    Be blessed

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  2. That was an interesting post, Marques. I liked when you said, “A strong and healthy expression of thanksgiving includes gratitude for the full scope of God’s blessings.” Gratitude and thanksgiving are hard to give because, despite us being Christians; we are still human and still fall to the traps of this world and it’s may take us time to be thankful for the family and people we have in our lives.

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