The Gift Of Grace

II Corinthians 12:9
My grace is sufficient for you, for My strength is made perfect in weakness.

Friends, we as “born again” believers are without strength and look to the Lord. He provides power by His grace.
God’s grace allows you and I to face anything life throws at us.

Our lives are filled with both joys and sorrows, opportunities we embrace and difficulties we would rather avoid.

We don’t question God’s presence in the good times, although we might when life gets hard. God is with us through it all: good and bad.

We are no less in God’s hands or useful as His instruments when we face challenges. God’s grace is always with us.

6 thoughts on “The Gift Of Grace

  1. This was EXACTLY my prayer this morning as hurricane Irma approaches. I don’t have a lot of strength and prepared as much as I could to secure the windows, laundry room, and outdoor things. My efforts are almost laughable, but I’ve asked the Lord to strengthen everything for me. Hope to have a testimony soon!

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      1. Update: Irma fizzled out for the most part! I didn’t lose my electricity, but 95% of the county did. It will take weeks to clean up the property, but the buildings were untouched. PRAISE THE LORD!!!

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