21st Century Idols

Exodus 20:3
You shall have no other gods before Me.

No other gods: God was not to be viewed by Israel as one God among many nor as the best of the gods. He was and is the only living God. He and He alone was to be worshiped, obeyed and adored by the Israelites. Likewise, We are to worship, praise, and obey.

Today many twenty-first century Christians have a difficult time relating to the concept of “other gods.” We cannot conceive of the idea of bowing to worship one other than the living God. Because of this mind-set, it’s easy to think this commandment doesn’t apply to us, however nothing could be further from the truth.

We may not bow or pray to them, and would never consider referring to them as a “god,” HOWEVER any: person, organization, object, car rims, or activity can come before God in our lives. Anything that does is an idol, whether it has a physical form or not.

Every good thing in our lives can become idols if they take priority over the best thing, putting God first in our lives.

My priorities matter.
1. What takes up the majority of my/(your time?
2. What takes up the majority of my /your thoughts?
3. What things are we truly passionate about?

If something has more of my/(your time, attention, and energy than my/your relationship with Christ, then we need to consider that we have placed another god before the true, living God.


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