14 thoughts on “Homosexuality: Did God make them that way?

    1. Though I disagree with you, you are certainly entitled to your opinion about Jesus, Daniel. I am very curious about what life experiences led you down the road to doubting the existence of God?


      1. I honestly hate addressing the issue, but ast this point it is so overwhelmingly present in our culture that it is prety much impossible to avoid. Thanks for being willing to stand up for the Truth.

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      2. Thank You. Honestly, I feel the same way. I really feel that there is a need for a better ministry within the church when addressing this subject. There are many people out there who become gay, as a result of being abused during their childhood, and then being forced to keep what was done to them a secret. We’ve got to let people know that God desires to help them confront what was done to them, heal them of that hurt, and free them of the spirit that has invaded their life. Jesus does not discriminate. He No matter what a person has done in the past, salvation is available to anyone with a repentant heart.

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      3. True, the lack of good doctrine leads to a lot of deception. The fact that there are many now who are claiming to be gay and Christian is a perfect example of how the church can decline if we do not have the simple basics of Christianity in place.

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