Is Generation-Z A Lost Generation?

Brothers and sisters, if modern day trend continues, nine (9) of TEN children born after 9/11 will reach adulthood without knowing Christ.

The children born after 9/11 (2001), who are known as Generation Z, make up what is predicted to be the largest generation ever.

The generation of those 16 and younger right now is going to be the largest generation ever birthed in North America. They are projected to be at least 2 percent larger than the Millennial generation; they’re larger than the Baby Boomer generation. THEY ALSO ARE THE MOST LOST SPIRITUALLY.

The Greatest Generation or the Builders (born until 1946) were comprised of about 60 percent Christians, Baby Boomers (born 1946-64) consist of about 35 percent Christians, and Millennials (born 1982-2004) of about 15 percent.

Brothers and sisters, the trend is about 10 percent or less of Generation Z will be Christians,
Most, churches today consist of more Senior citizens. When you and I are gone home, who is there to take our places. Are we doing all we can to get Generation Z in churches like our Grandparents, parents did for us?

The Greatest Generation, Baby Boomers, Generation X (Baby Busters) Generation Y (Millennials) Generation Z. Knowing the names assigned to the generations in today’s world can be confusing and hard to understand. Only one thing is certain about each generation, they all need to know Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior.

• Age 71+ Born before 1946 Greatest Generation
• Age 52-70 Born 1946-1964 Baby Boomers
• Age 37-51 Born 1965-1979 Baby Busters Generation X
• Age 20-35 Born 1980-2000 Millenials Generation Y
• Age 16 & younger Born 2001 Generation Z

Brothers and sisters, I think young adults need to be around mature adults. I think mature adults need to see young people and children. We need each other. We are family and families are made up of young and old.

You, We, Us, are our brother’s keeper. We are one (1) generation away from becoming a “GODLESS” nation.

Grandma went to church on Sunday Morning, with me in hand.

Accept our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, today. Today is the day of salvation. Now is the accepted time. You may not have tomorrow. Salvation is a free gift. Have a Blessed Day.

Courtesy of Edward Jeffries

3 thoughts on “Is Generation-Z A Lost Generation?

  1. The problem could very well be that the elder generation isn’t really mature. In one of my former churches, the elders made up 80% of the regulars – most of them were Baby Boomers, with a few remaining members of the Greatest Generation still functional enough to come. They had control over how everything was done. So they did it to their tastes. But they didn’t understand how different generations Y and Z had it. For example, music education … learning how to sing, was something their generation did. Mine, not so much. Instead of meeting us where we’re are, we’re just expected to do things their way. Which works well for them, as they’ve been doing it that way their whole lives. For us, it’s like a foreign language, after one lesson, we’re expected to be as good as the natives are. That’s why that church’s number of regulars dwindled down to about two dozen every week. When they realized that their inability to change wasn’t helping their situation, they didn’t have the people or the resources to help them turn things around. So things have just stayed the same. This other church I go to has more young people, but you’ll usually see them texting each other when everyone is singing from the hymnals. It’s only at contemporary style churches are the youth fully engaged in the music, but then it’s the elders who sometimes tune-out.


    1. Hi, Jamie,

      You raise a very good point. Honestly, we need both young and old in the church. The old, because of their wisdom and experience. The young, because of their strength and new ideas for spreading the Word of God and bringing in more young people (ex. Social media, streaming church services, church concerts with a biblical message).

      I think that some church leaders can tend to allow man made traditions and the desire to maintain their personal positions and control within the church, to cloud their character. This is very dangerous, because this is operating in the Pharisee way of thinking.

      Another thing to consider is that, some older church leadership and members may be Leary of what they consider secular or worldly trends being brought into the church by the younger crowd. This would be a matter of both young and old sitting down together in discussions to gain understanding of one another.

      Sin is a serious threat to both old and young alike, and it will take both older and young Christians working together to share the Word of God.


  2. Wow, the way you put it makes me really want to concentrate more on my kids to truly know the Lord. I have a rule in the house that the only way they can play is after reading the Bible with me. We have finished reading all four gospel’s and almost finishing Acts.

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