Your Destination Has Been Changed

The devil meant for the sins of your past to be your downfall. He thought for sure he was going to have one more companion to join him in the lake of fire in brimstone, BUT
he got it wrong

Somebody was praying for you to make a change, and God answered their prayers. You’ve heard the voice of Jesus Christ, beckoning for you to let Him in, and so you did.
Now every day you learn more and more about His grace and love, as the King of Kings develops your character to be more like Him.
Your reservation for the lake of fire and brimstone has been canceled, and you’ve got a new destination of New Jerusalem.

May God grant each of us the boldness to stand for wat is right, and the compassion to share our faith and testimonies with the lost. What God has done for us, He desires to and will do the same for others.


3 thoughts on “Your Destination Has Been Changed

  1. Sadly I used to joke about having an executive suite in hell…little did I know that’s exactly where I was headed until He heard someone’s prayers for me to change. Thank God I did. And it’s a big fat cancel, that reservation. 😆👍☝❤

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    1. Yes, Andi! To God be the glory for the changes He has empowered each of us to make in our lives. We are Heaven bound, and encouraging as many who will listen and take heed to the Gospel, to accept Christ and have their reservation changed as well. Stay encouraged, my Sister in Christ.

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