15 Christian Principles For Dealing With Crisis

I was watching Dr. Charles Stanley’s In Touch Program, one afternoon, and he was speaking on dealing with crisis. Below are 15 biblical principles he offered. They helped me, and I pray that they will help you, also.

1. I must see the crisis the way God wants me to see it Romans 8:28.
2. God is in control of everything. Psalms 103:19
3. Don’t lose heart because you don’t understand why Isaiah 55
4. Don’t make quick judgments when a crisis comes.
5. Focus on God, instead of the crisis.
6. Avoid focusing on the pain.
7. Recall YOUR past CRISISES, and the opportunities that followed them.
8. Don’t respond in anger.
9. Submit yourself to the will of God, regarding the situation.
10. Demonstrate a sense of gratitude.
11. Determine in your life to view the crisis as an opportunity TO GROW.
12. Refuse to listen to unscriptural advice from other people.
13. Remain in constant prayer, listening to God’s instructions.
14. Refuse to give way to your changing emotions.
15. Obey God, and leave all the consequences to Him.


4 thoughts on “15 Christian Principles For Dealing With Crisis

  1. This past week was a trying and difficult weak spiritually. But I overcame using some of these principles. I’m saving this for next time so I won’t anger so quickly. I need to keep focused on Him.
    Thank you for sharing!!!!

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    1. The enemy is messing with us, because he knows that his time is growing short. My grandmother used to always say that Satan doesn’t bother the people he already has, so since he’s after you that lets you know that you must be on the right road. None of us like trials, but greater is He(Jesus) who is within us, than he that is within the world. Keep pressing forward, my sister in Christ.

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