Dad, Mom, Do I Have to Attend Church?

Courtesy of Edward Jeffries Less children in all communities today are attending Sunday School and church regularly in the United States of America than ever in our history as a nation. Many parents don’t attend and many parents don’t believe that regular church attendance is necessary for themselves and their children. Some parents believe, that… Continue reading Dad, Mom, Do I Have to Attend Church?

Why Should I Attend Church?

Courtesy of Edward Jeffries Are you a member of Bedside Baptist or Saint Mattress, where Pastor Pillow and Deacon Sheets preside with somnolent gravity. The New Testament repeatedly emphasizes the importance of local assemblies. It was the pattern of Paul’s ministry to establish local congregations in the cities where he preached the gospel. The passage… Continue reading Why Should I Attend Church?

The Rise And Fall Of Antichrist

Throughout history, our world has witnessed the rise of such charismatic leaders as: Julius Caesar, Hannibal, John F. Kennedy, Joseph Stalin, Adolf Hitler, Ronald Reagan, and our current U.S. President, Barack Obama. The Bible reveals to us there is a future world leader who will rise to power, whose charisma, wealth, and influence will surpass… Continue reading The Rise And Fall Of Antichrist

Should/Can A Christian Drink Alcohol?

Written by my cousin, Edward Jeffries Please be advised, I am writing a post/thread on the topic of alcohol, and what Jesus thinks about drinking in the Bible. I need for all who read this post/thread to know that my post/thread WILL NOT be biased to one side or the other. Non-negotiable: Getting drunk is… Continue reading Should/Can A Christian Drink Alcohol?

The Tongue: Taming The Untamable

Here’s another message from my cousin, Edward Jeffries. Be careful what you say, It comes from the heart James 3:1-12 The Untamable Tongue Matthew 12:34 A Tree Known by Its Fruit Psalm 19:14 The Perfect Revelation of the Lord Psalm 39:1 Prayer for Wisdom and Forgiveness Psalm 141:3 Prayer for Safekeeping from Wickedness Humans have… Continue reading The Tongue: Taming The Untamable

Know who Jesus really is, know who you really are!

Originally posted on End Time Bible Prophecy:
Commentary By:  Gordon King Do we as Christians really know who Jesus Christ really is?  I mean, do we really understand, and do we acknowledge that our Savior is not only the Creator of the world but of the entire universe?!  That He is, was always, and will…