Analogy of the Parent


As you raise your kids you set rules and regulations for their lives. You may set a specific bedtime for them. You may monitor their intake of sweets. You may instruct them to say Yes, sir/Yes, ma’am when speaking to adults. You may give them chores to do around the house. Perhaps you take an effort in knowing and meeting the kids your children consider their friends. When you send your kids off to school, you ask that they study and do their very best in their academics. You may even set a curfew for them to be home by, as they begin to hangout with friends.

As loving parents you are thrilled to reward their obedience with things your kids request, and may even give them special surprises, however when they choose to disobey your instructions, they must deal with the consequences in the form of some disciplinary action.

Whether your kids fully understand it or not, every decision you are making is because you are a loving parent, who desires to see your children grow up to be a man or woman of integrity. You know the pitfalls of life and desire to instill values into your kids that will steer them away from issues that will lead into: unhealthy relationships, incarceration, being emotionally scarred, or even an early grave.

Now all of us should consider our Heavenly Father, and the principles he has established as a road map for righteous living. God’s rules are not in place to hinder us from enjoying life, but are in place to help us steer clear of Satan’s schemes, our own sinful pride, and the influence of the world system as much as possible. Like any good parent, God desires a loving relationship with His kids, and is always available to encourage us when needed, and celebrate with us when we achieve the life goals He has set for us.

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